Prayer for Students and All Those Working With Students 2012

Almighty God,

We praise you as the ultimate source of all knowledge.  Generation to generation you have shared your truth with your people through the prophets.  King Solomon, the wisest man on earth, found you as the source of his wisdom.

In your great mercy you sent us your Son, Jesus the Christ, to teach us the way to you.  Jesus was often called rabbi, teacher.  He came to teach what a life grounded in you might mean.  In our world clouded by sin, Jesus came as a light to show us your love.

As we praise you for giving us knowledge, truth, and wisdom, we remember that you are a God of new beginnings.  Time and time again, you have called your people to start new endeavors.  Whether it is moving to a new land, or rebuilding a new life after calamity, you do not abandon your people in the midst of change.

This week our children, youth, young adults, and all who are starting a new school year.  We for your blessing on them.  May you be the wellspring of their wisdom.  In this time of new beginnings, may they feel your presence.  Open their hearts and minds to your Spirit.  We pray for their protection: physical, mental, and spiritual.  Help us to be open to how we might be a witness to your love for them.

We pray also for the teachers, the principals, the aids, and all those working with or for the students.  May your protect them as well.  Empower them to work graciously with the students.  Help them to shape and mold our students in ways that are pleasing to you.

We ask this all in our Teacher’s name, Jesus the Christ, Amen.

Mifflinville’s former high school.

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