Formulating Church

I have been trying to figure out ways of visually representing life in the church.  One idea I have been tinkering with is using formulas.  In many church meetings, we seem to struggle with not have a common language to talk about our ministry and the problems we are dealing with.  When looking at attendance or money, I often hear the question “what is our problem?”  From a systemic point of view though, there are several problems.  How though to convey the situation easily?

Using formulas to visually represent the information might be helpful.  Undoubtedly someone seeped in math or science would find this deeply problematic, but I think it might be helpful in conveying information and creating a common language.  Two formulas I have been playing with are:

  • Rootedness + Mission + Vision + Accountability + Passion = Thriving Church
  • Happenstance + Reputation + Opportunities + Invitation = Visitors

I worry formulas might seem inaccurate, crass, or too simplistic, and yet, the churches I serve need a common language and a way to think about our ministry.

Einstein’s Lecture notes.” ©2012 Copyright Martin Lopatka.  Licensed Under Creative Commons.

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