How can I keep from Singing?

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Today, on my sermon blog, I posted the last sermon from my sermon series “How can I keep from Singing?”  The title for the sermon series comes from one of my favorite hymns “My Life Flows On – How Can I keep from Singing.”  I started the series in mid-September and finished in November. The […]

Are people resources?

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I was glancing through my twitter when I saw a tweet that made me do a double take.  The tweet contended, “We are abusing our most under-utilized leadership resource.  Double Standards, Women, and the Church…”  The author included a link for his blog.  So then I looked at the blog post and got the impression […]

On the Eve of Possibility

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“And ya don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction?”  This was the comment by a United Methodist pastor attached to a link a UM clergy Facebook discussion group.  The link was about a wedding officiated by a district superintendent for two female United Methodist pastors.  Obviously creating polity problems on several levels.  Pastors lined […]